My first Post!

Ok, so here is my first post to my first blog. Why not catch the wave, I thought, so here I am.

I am a stay-at-home mom of 2 beautiful little girls, Kimber and Lauryn. Hubby Scott rounds out the family. We live in Ontario were summers are warm (usually) and winters are cold (always).

I am a 28-year old who is hoping (really hoping!) to get accepted to our local college in September to get an advertising diploma. I am a self-taught Graphic Artist (read – can work the programs, not much on the talent end! Perhaps I should call myself a layout artist) who would eventually try and have my own business. I have had a couple of contracts that I attribute to my business (My Big Sister Design), but it is not enough to pay bills. I recognize I need some furthering of my education to move forward.

In the mean time, I enjoy reading (current book – “Being a Green Mother” by Piers Anthony), cross stitching (see my current works-in-progress), and keeping up with my 11 online bulletin boards (I have no friends, k?).

So that is me. I will keep you posted with my life (cause I know you are interested!) hopefully at least on a weekly basis. Feel free to send me your comments as we go! You can go enjoy your coffee now. I know I am.



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