More on cross stitching

I did say it was an obsession, right? 😀

So I am taking this one step farther. I am venturing to make my own patterns. I have been searching out programs and since I am on a Mac, my options are limited (hint hint, all software developers!! Something cheap and plentiful would be great!). I got a couple of recommendations and have tried a couple of demos. Here are my problems.

The first demo I used was for a program which costs $250, which, of course, is more than I can afford. It is a lovely program, but you can only import PICT files (who uses PICT? It is so limiting!!). You can create custom colours which is lovely – creating from CMYK and RGB values as well as the html codes. But! It does not translate those colours into the corresponding nearest equivalent of floss numbers! So, for someone like me who hasn’t memorized DMC’s 4000 colours, this is a useless feature. (Note the sarcasm)

The other was for a program which costs $60, which instantly makes it a whole lot more attractive. With a smaller price tag comes fewer features, though. Although you can’t custom create your colours, you can choose from the DMC list. The DMC list, though is about a 3rd of the actual colours available for floss. I am hoping there are upgrades available that will include more of the colours, or else this program is useless, too. The colours that appear on the screen are way off too. My design is of a pharoah and the colours I selected for skin tone are on the brown end according to the computer. In actual fact the floss colours are so white, he may as well be Swedish.

So my dilema. I have finished the first draft charting and now I am about to stitch – but of course I still need to figure out exact colouring, but you know that I will keep you posted!

In the mean time, check out my design and please tell me what you think, and if you would buy it! (Of course, there is an ulterior motive!! lol) It is a fairly simple design, but it is big. Finished size is 11-1/2″ x 13″.

That’s it for now! TTYL!



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