My day of mourning and a short blurb about mice.

I am in mourning today. Yesterday I had a bad computer day. I was sitting at my desk, coffee in hand, ready to tackle the day’s emails. My little Lauryn came to sit on my lap and !!!! SPILLED MY COFFEE !!!! And so I mourned the loss of my coffee and moved on to clean up my desk and keyboard. The keyboard is intact, albeit a little sticky. Fortunately Scott is a tech geek and had a spare keyboard laying around.

Now my Mac has been experiencing a bit of memory loss these days and is forgetting how to use it’s USB ports. I have no PS/2 ports, so everything needs to be USB or Firewire. Since I have no Firewire equipment, USB it is. So, my old keyboard (the sticky one) had 2 extra ports on it for the mouse and sometimes my scanner (thank you, Apple!). I simply plugged those into my keyboard and my keyboard into my one remaining USB port in the back. Well, the new fancy keyboard from Scott had no USB ports on it, so I had to plug it into a hub along with my mouse so I could have functionality again (hub, of course plugged into my computer). Well, this lasted for all of 5 minutes. Seems the new set up was to powerful for Mac and he died. The computer itself is fine, I just can’t type or scroll & click. So, now I have to find a PCI/USB thingy to allow myself to use my system again.

And so I am in mourning for my computer. I am, in the mean time, using Scott’s PC and although it isn’t my baby, it is doing the job for me. I am learning that life is going on. If anyone wants to help out, though, I am accepting donations for a new system (hey, I love my baby, but he is 6 years old!) Check out the new Mac Mini! It is way cool!

On a different note, I had a little visitor last night. I was happily stitching on “Firebreather” (Kimber had named my dragon), watching Law & Order, when a little 2 inch brown bundle of fur came zooming into the living room! I knew we had mice when I found poop in my spice drawer and all our boulion cubes eaten, but to actually see one is a different story. As far as mice go, this one is a full grown one. So, I am going to Wal-Mart today for a trap! As my friend Deena said, it needs to be as Survivor – Outlive, Outlast and all that. It’s me or them.

So that is my ramblings for today. As always, feel free to comment and I will talk to you all later!

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