Musings on our day, and of course, cross stitching!

So we have had a day today of resolving issues. First things first, we foung out that Scott’s issues with his headache was just that. He has chronic headaches. His vomiting, etc, turned out to be just the flu, but combined with the headache issue, it just was worse. So, now he is on medication and life is going on.

Then it was off to Wal-Mart, where we stared dumbly at all the mouse traps and tried to decide the best way of getting rid of the mice. I can’t seem to convince Scott to get a cat (ok, I did agree that it would be best to get a cat after we move into a bigger place – then we will get 2), and I refuse to poison them because otherwise one will die behind the fridge and we won’t find it untill the smell clears us out of the house. So, traps it is. I was recommended a killing trap, and I agree – letting them out alive leaves them the option to come right back into the house, and since I have seen one of the little critters, it is me or them.

A little intergection here. I know that I am supposed to live in harmony with all of Nature’s creatures, but realistically, that just ain’t happening. They ruined all my spices and ate our boullion – and for a soup and gravy lover, that is unacceptable! They have declared war, so war they will have. I will perform my absolutions later.

So, we decided on snapping traps. They were all same price, so we opted for the plastic ones where we never actually have to touch the rodent. Which is great because I will probably be the one to end up disposing of the critters.

Then we headed off to Kimber’s school, where I have enrolled her to start March 21. My baby is going to school! Luckily it is only 3 days a week, so we get a little used to her being there. I will keep you posted on how that is going.

And so that is that. On to cross stitching (cause I know you have been eagerly waiting!). Dragon Ride is progressing nicely, however I have found some errors. I vented on my bulletin board, but my rage is not complete. I have miscounted on the front wing, and the left side is short by 1 stich, and the right side by the border has an extra stitch. So, I need to fandangle that around. Hopefully the piece is big enough that you won’t see it.

I have finished my “Wisdom” as you know, so now I need to find a new project to stitch. I have decided on “Castle Ridge” by Teresa Wentzler. It is a cute mini-design that won’t make my brain hurt too much. Kimber had voted for “Midsummer Night’s Fairy” by Mirabillia, but that one needs to be a focus piece and right now DR is it for me.

Speaking of faeries, I have discovered a new bulletin board. It is Cross Stitch Faeries, which is, of course, right up my alley. Some beautiful work is being posted there. It has introduced me to Heaven and Earth Designs where the patterns are incredible! I thought Teresa Wentzler was hard, but these blow her out of the water. Some even combine Dragons with Faeries, and what could be better than that?

Ok, I think this is enough for now. I have decided to revamp my web page, so look for that next time you read this. As always, comment freely and join the freak parade!



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