Martha Stewart, Step Aside!

So I am feeling a little like Super Mom today. Yesterday was a useless day as it was Kimber’s first day of school – there was tears and not much else from me! Today, I have finished all my goals for the day and it is not yet noon! (Ok, I don’t aim high, I’ll admit) I’m buzzing through laundry and found time to cross stich (my dragon is just about done, by the way), and the piece de resistance is that Kimber needed a costume for Sparks tonight. In true form, I left it to the last minute – and made a costume that rocks! I will post a pic as soon as I get one.

Ok, enough about me. Kimber’s first day of school was yesterday. I walked her down, met her teacher, got her situated, and she shooed me out of the room. I was fine until I walked out of the school, then the tears started. I walked home, tears streaming down my face. A couple of blocks from my home, I composed myself and walked in the door, where Scott and Lauryn were waiting. Cue tears. I spent all day wondering what she was doing, how she was finding things, if she was enjoying herself, if she had friends… etc. I am sure this is no different than what every parent feels, but this is my first time, and so you hear about it! lol

So those are my thoughts for the day. My computer is officially pooched, so let me remind you that I am still accepting donations for a new system. Later!



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