Our Easter weekend

Well, this was an eventfull weekend.

Kimber has been fighting an ear infection. She first complained of pains on Thursday night. On Friday, she got a fever, and of course everything was closed. By Saturday, she had pains that the Tylenol would not fix. So, off we went to the walk-in clinic. Both clinics in our area were closed, because of the long weekend. Her hearing had diminished and her fever was high, so I made the executive decision to go to the hospital for lack of options.

Since the clinics were closed, the emergency room was packed. We waited for 3 hours, then they came out and told us that it would be another 3 hour wait – they simply did not have the beds. Well we could not wait for another 3 hours – Kimber was in so much pain she was constantly crying, so I had to give her something. I found that Motrin worked for both the pain and the fever, so we were ok. I hoped that she would last until Monday, when the clinic would be open again.

So we drove Scott to work, and came home to a message from the hospital. They asked that we bring Kimber back in, since the wait was short and she needed attention. We were in and out in 35 minutes. She got the prescription she needed and is now on the mend.

The Easter bunny came to visit and thankfully kept the candy to a minimum, offering toys instead.

I made some headway on my dragon, starting the petit point of the rider. Man, is that hard! I can only do a little at a time since my eyes go all buggy and I get a headache. Fortunately it is not a large area to stitch. Kimber is getting excited to see it done, since it is hers. Hopefully I will get my computer up and running soon so I can get a progress pic up.

And, in other news, I have signed up to be a Pampered Chef consultant today. Yay! Withdrawls disappearing! I can’t wait to get started. I had so much fun with it years ago, so I imagine it will be no different now.

That is all the news for today. Still no computer, still no new website. 😦



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