Update on life

Last day of the no tv challenge. Yep, we are definately a family of flabby butts. We barely made it through. I have all my shows taped, so I will be getting a double dose next week! lol

On to stitching. I am almost done Futurecast, the first part of my round robin. In stitching it Kimber has requested a purple one, and I discovered a skein of overdyed floss in my stash (who knew?) that will work perfectly! I had received it on a trade years ago and never knew what to do with it since I very rarely embellish the stuff I am working on. So, another dragon is added to my list. (Surprised?)

I am having issues choosing a contrast colour for my dragon, though. For those of you who actually stitch who read this (there must be one of you out there – nudge nudge), my main colours are blues – DMC 3755, 799, 322, 824 – and I am accenting with a silver. I am leaning towards greens, or perhaps golds. I am posting a pic below of my progress, and you can get an idea of the colour. Note, I am stitching it backwards, since my dragons will be facing each other. I didn’t use an overdyed floss as a base as recommended, since I only found I had one in my stash yesterday. And I haven’t found a whole lot that I like, anyway.

In other news, Kimber was excited about “art day” at school today. She is a crafter and loves any chance to get into it. She is painting today and informs me she will be making a butterfly. There is a girl in her class who is newer than Kimber, and this morning Kimber ran right over and said hello. It was great to see her being so friendly. Not that it isn’t in her nature, I just worry!

That is all the news today. Join the freak parade!



One thought on “Update on life

  1. Elvis

    I am having issues choosing a contrast colour for my dragon too. Well, technically he is a chameleon, not a dragon.


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