A sign from above?

Interesting that today I buckle down and decide to get a cat. We have been talking about getting a cat for a while, and decided to get 2 when we were ready, since we don’t want one to get lonely. Not only that, they had to be male. I mentioned to my SIL that we were going to buy one (especially since at an average price of $50 + fees to neuter so we couldn’t afford 2 right away), we had set aside tomorrow to go to the pet store and adopt a humane society one. I made a few phone calls and found one for $70, shots and neutering included. Great deal!

This evening, Lex called me and asked if I wanted one for free. Duh!! Do I want 2? Males? They are available right away.

And so around 4ish tomorrow, Turkey and Spike are coming to live with us (yes, we have names!). I will be taking pics and posting them as soon as I can. Apparently, they are just beautiful. Mice will not be a problem for long!


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