My Daughter, the sickie

Kimber is sick again today. She woke up wih a fever and earache. Luckily I had a dr’s appointment this morning, so I dragged her along. Yep, another ear infection. She has been battling that for about what, 3 weeks now? So before I sent her to school, she was loaded up with medicine – Motrin for her pain, Tylenol Cold for her cough, and Amoxillin for her infection. Add to that she has to take her puffer before bed because of her cold, she is one drugged child. Perhaps I should be looking at pumping her up with vitamins.

So Scott is on days next week, leaving just me and Lauryn at home. Not sure how my day will go with that, but we will see…

On the stitching front, I am almost done my other RR piece, then I quickly whip up the b-day present, and finish my sea shore one. Now that I will only have a 2 year old to converse with, perhaps the stitching will boost up.

Other than that, not much news today. I hope to have the finished RR piece up by Sunday.

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