X-Acto knifes and plastic rulers

… are not what they are cracked up to be. I am rapidly tiring of this combination. I know I should go shuffling through the basement to dig up a metal ruler that I know to be in one of a miriad of boxes down there, but by the time I have found it, I am done with the plastic one. Still, I would much rather dull my blade against a metal ruler than shave off pieces of a plastic one.

Why the tirade about knives and rulers? Let me tell you.

I am working (that is to say, now I am stalling) on invitations to my sister’s wedding. They need to be done right away (see why I needed my computer back?), and now I am scrambling to finish them so they can get in the mail by Monday. Fortunately this is a small wedding and I only have 20 cards left to hack up. I am using vellum and that is not as cool as it sounds. Turns out that while it is pretty, and cuts nice, ink tends to bleed somewhat and the paper warps. Yeuck. I have had to print extra and choose the best prints. A bit of a waste of paper, especially at $7.50/12. Perhaps it works better with laser printers. The final outcome is pretty, though, and simple to do. Perhaps one day I will be paid for this kind of stuff!

I would post a pic, but I am not sure my sis wants details of her wedding posted on line. Wouldn’t want all you crazies to go stalking her on one of the most important days of her life. No offense, of course.

Ever notice that one of the guys from Bon Jovi looks slightly like a hobbit?


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