CSNF Reaction

Yesterday we went to the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival in Mississaugua. It turned out to be a scouting mission as I had not nearly enough money!!!

We started the day off by checking out a few booths before our class on finishing and framing. The class turned out to be very informative. We learned reverse stitching as well as a little demonstration of hardanger. Very cool. Turns out I didn’t learn a ton about framing and have been doing it fine all the way along.

I picked up a few things on quilting, and can rapidly see that as a new passion. There is a wonderful company called Quilt by Numbers that does simple foundation piecing. Since I am absolutely horrible at measuring, this is a sure-fire cheat that will even work for me!!

While there was a lot of different charts (and I have added a couple to my wish list), I found prices a little high. I guess I figured that for a special show there would be special prices. I did discover a new designer that is very cool – http://www.xs-and-ohs.com. Be sure to check that site out. I also saw a finished Martina Weber design – and was shocked at the size. Definately a designer to add to my stash.

So, lessons learned for the fall show – bring more money and eat elsewhere!!



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