Another Yucky day

Yep, it is raining, again. Bleach. And Mama Nature decided she should change it up, and throw in a bit of hail as well. My morning glories will never get planted.

So, today is cleaning day, and oh, joy of joys, what fun. I figgured that since it is a yucky day anyway and I can’t have any coffee (keep reading), I may as well make a bad day worse by cleaning.

So the no coffee thing. I went to go make my coffee yesterday and discovered a giant crack along the carafe. Well, I could make coffee, I just could not keep it in anything. I had to settle for a yucky tea that really did not satisfy. **Side note – Perhaps this is a sign from the Gods that I have to cut down my coffee intake (gasp! Sacrelige! Cut down my coffee intake? Never!). I had a physical earilier this week and my doctor guilted me and made me aware that a pot a day is not normal and not that good for me. And it does nothing for my excessively low weight. Apparently the weight I have been at for the last 10 years is too low. Well, we know that all my snacking and love of fatty foods and laziness when it comes to excercise isn’t the problem. Perhaps I should have my thyroids checked out. End side note**

Back to coffee issues. I went to Wal-Mart this morning to get a replacement carafe and it was $20!!! I could have bought a whole new coffee maker for $12!! No thanks! I don’t even think our brand of maker was much more than $25. But I guess that is how they get you. Suck you in then charge you through the roof with replacement parts. And so my crankiness. Fortunately I had $2 in my purse this morning, so Tim saved the day – and they didn’t put the lid on the seam! That eliviated a lot of tension.

On the stitching front, I am almost done my next RR piece, but have discovered I am missing some of the floss colours. I will have to make a trip to my local LNS for supplies… awww, too bad! (Note the sarcasm! – I know you are feeling for me! lol) My RRs need to mailed out on Monday, so I will be a mad stitcher tomorrow to get it done. Then next week I will finish (thinking positive here) my Sea shells project then on to the birthday gift.

That is all for today. Back to cleaning the kitchen…. *pout*


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