I like to think I am of above average intelligence…

… but apparently I am not intelligent to work at Tim Hortons. This is because I cannot wrap my brain around the reason for putting the opening of the lid on the seam of the cup. There must be some great cosmic reason because it does not matter who I encounter in the morning, this is how the lid is placed.

It also seems to be beyond reach that if there is no coolant (ie. milk or cream) added to the coffee, a second cup should be added to the mix. That is something that is called “double cupping”. It is a new concept in coffee service, created so that those drinking their coffee will only burn their mouths and not their hands.

Since I drive in the morning and like to have my coffee there with me, putting the lid on right to avoid spillage and double cupping so I can hold it would facilitate a nice, easy, road-rage free drive every morning. Not having those things looked after forces me to wait until I get home to drink my coffee. And by then my day has already started off badly. It is a good thing I enjoy good coffee, or I would be forced to go to Coffee Time.


BTW! Big & Rich have their new video for Big Time out! Watch it here!!


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