A long week… and it is only Wednesday

It is astounding how much can pile up if you do nothing for a week. Now that everyone has gone home and life is continuing, I am sorting through my to-do’s and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Just the stack of bills and paperwork is huge. That takes a day in itself. Add to that a week’s worth of laundry undone, plus regular home care things… I need a vacation. Any one have room in a suitcase? So – family update –

Lauryn is being 2. Testing my patience, all the while smiling like an angel.

She is improving her artist skills – check out her latest drawing for me – you can actually see a person there (It is me.).

Kimber is a new girl – she has new glasses and her ears are pierced.

We were in Kingston yesterday and wandering the mall with Auntie Lex, when we walked into a store and they were all set up for Kimber. She was excited and they did a great job of not showing her the guns. She was fine until they did the actual piercing. Then one of the backings flew off and she had to sit there until they tried to attach another back. They tried a second back, then that one flew out of her hand (Kimber wasn’t sitting quite as still as she had hoped), so they needed a 3rd back. She calmed down and now enjoys her earrings. She has pretty pink studs, which is perfect for her.

Scott’s work situation keeps getting better. He was off of work until Wednesday last week, and he got a call on Tuesday night from his boss that although he wouldn’t get paid for it, he could take the rest of the week off if he chose to. He did. He wasn’t ready to go back to work just yet and it was nice to have the relaxing time at home. On Monday he went back to a shift bid day – at his employer everyone is ranked and at shift bid they get to ‘bid’ for shifts that they want, based on their rankings. Due to everything that has been going on and his days missed, Scott’s ranking was 141 out of 200 – not very good odds, so we were bracing for a night shift. Fortunately the big boss interceded and he got a locked shift. He is no longer in the shift bid system and on an 8:30 to 5 shift. Which is even better than what he was on. In addition, she put him on project all week, so he doesn’t have to take calls this week if he chooses not to (which, of course, he chose to do. He can’t just sit there and do nothing and still collect a paycheck.). He is pretty happy at work now.

For me, I am a little sad, in addition to busy. My favourite designer, Teresa Wentzler (for those of you who don’t know me!), has decided to take an extended leave of absence from designing, to focus on her artwork. While it is unfortunate no new dragons, faeries or wizards or the like are going to be produced by her, it at least gives me a chance to catch up. Maybe by the time (or if) she puts out a new design, I will have done more than one project designed by her. You can read about her decision on her bulletin board post.

Stitching is at a standstill, since I have decided I definately do not like stitching on Permin. I am going to stick to evenweaves from now on. Hopefully this week I will have time to experiment with dyeing some fabric for Kimber’s futurecast dragon. She wants a purple dragon, so I want to come up with a pretty pink for the fabric.

That is life right now. Oh! We also have a reliable vehicle now! We can go farther than 15 minutes up the road without worrying about breaking down! We have a minivan (yay – leg room!) – a burgundy 1993 Dodge Caravan SE. It has power everything – this is the first vehicle I have driven that has cruise control! Yee haw!!!

Ok, back to laundry. Later!


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