What a beautiful day!

It is 19º here and it is gorgeous! Finally, summer has arrived. It is astounding how a couple of nice days can improve ones mood.

I am finally making some headway cleaning up the clutter in this house. Things are being given away left and right, stuff is being moved and put up, and there might even be some semblance of decorating in the house. Imagine that.

I got my little tomatoes transplanted yesterday, and my cactuses are actually in pots that they can grow into. There is something funny about a giant aloe vera in a tiny little pot. Now I just need to get my spider plant-lings to root and I have a few more greenery for the home.

I have started yesterday to make dandelion wine. The girls and I were out yesterday morning picking the heads and filling the pot. I add all the seasonings today and start the fermentation. I am really looking forward to opening one of those bottles for Christmas. This afternoon I will be digging up the roots and making coffee for myself. Not sure how it is going to turn out, but it is worth a try – and it weeds the lawn at the same time.

So for the long weekend, we are firing up the barbecue, and hopefully getting some yard work done. I may even get some stitching done outside!!


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