A long week… and the SBQ

So, we have had an interesting week. On Friday, our internet got cut off. Nice. What they told us is that they were supposed to disconnect the cable next door and got the wrong house. After arguing with them, and assuring them the blinking lights were NOT blinking, they came by today and hooked us back up. We got 1 free month and 4 months at 1/2 price for the mistake.

That also cut off the free cable tv we had been getting. 😦 So, on a rainy long weekend, we were stuck inside with no tv and no internet. Arg. We rely way to much on technology, it appears. I have spent the last three hours reading the 332 emails I had. No, I am not exaggerating.

Ok, life update. The weekend, as mentioned, was rainy. Bleach. No gardening, nothing. I did make a lovely poncho, though.

Yee haw. I was quite pleased with that. It took me about 4 hours to crochet it. And Kimber likes it, too!

We are not participating in the community garden this year as the plots we wanted were given to someone else… after we reserved them a month in advance. So, we are going to put a garden in the back yard here. Scott will be digging it up for me tonight and hopefully tomorrow I will be weeding and adding soil. I have laid out my square foot plan, so I am looking forward to getting it all started.

If you haven’t heard of square foot gardening, it is gardening in square blocks versus rows. You can fit more in a smaller space. The book to read is “Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew.

I will be focussing mostly on root veggies, to get the soil prepped, but I will have some peppers, beans, peas and cucumbers as well. Hopefully if it is prepped by tomorrow I will be seeding on the weekend, just a couple of weeks late.

Ok, I am only a day late for this… Stitching Blogger’s Question…

How do you deal with a “stitching slump?”

Well, pretty much all of 2004 was a stitching slump. I got over it by joining bulletin boards, etc and met some people who stitch as well. Misery loves company!



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