I love Lauryn Day!

Since I can’t play favourites, can I?

This cherubic devil is making us laugh by asking for her “bloop loops”. It is so sweet sounding we don’t want to correct her! Yes, that should be “fruit loops”. And she is very giving of her taxes today. In our family we have “Daddy tax” and “Mommy tax”, which are our daily kisses. She has no interest in Lauryn taxes, though. Always a giver.

In other news, the garden is just about ready. I have about a 3rd to de-weed and then I compost and add stuff to it. I should be able to plant by Friday. Here is hoping the weather cooperates!! My tomatoes are all potted now, and are loving it. I am having a pest problem, though. Well, more than one. Allow me to elaborate.

My garden is infested with grubs. Yee haw. So rather than try and chemically alter the state of the garden (and the vegetables), I am going to experiment with beer and drown them. We will see how that works. A garden full of root veggies will not do well in a garden also full of grubs.

My tomatoes are falling prey to a chipmunk we have living beneath our stairs. He seems to fancy stalks of tomato. Not sure how to handle that! I am open to suggestions. Fortunately it is just my Tiny Tims that are biting the bullet right now, but I figure a couple of more weeks and he will have gone through those.

The mice are retreating. I have not seen new droppings for a while, so that is a good sign. We figure Spike is going to be a good mouser. The way he eats, perhaps he already is.

I love Mother Nature and try to respect her ways, but this pest issue is getting to be irritating.


Cross stitch news!!! Ok, first things first –

I got new stash! Yee haw! I joined a craft book club and got three cool books yesterday:

Crocheting School
Better Homes and Gardens Hip Knits
and… (drum roll please)…

Cross Stitch Fairies!!!

Woo hoo! And they are soo pretty! I see a fairy calendar in my future and my Christmas greeting cards will be little red and green faeries… I can’t wait!

Also, I got my first round robin package today. It needs to go back out fairly soon, so I will be doing that right away. I am also making headway with “Gifts from the Sea”. I am now backstitching the main inside image, then I just need to finish up the border. Then back to my birthday gift (I am not looking forward to that…..)

I think that is all the news for now… back to my coffee!



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