My Paradigm Shift

Scott and I were having a conversation last night and, although it wasn’t long, it was life changing. Ok, well, not really. We were talking about country music and he said that he would classify Alabama as Southern Rock versus country. Not so, said I, since Alabama is all about twang and the steel guitar. Alas said he, (yes, I am paraphrasing here – we don’t really talk like that) their music has a faster beat and that would classify them in the Rock category. I disagreed and decided to move on before it got messy.

Then I heard “Tennessee River” on the radio this morning, and aside from the distinctive voice, it could have been Lynyrd Skynyrd. ***Side note – there is a new song by one “Van Zant” called “Help Somebody” – same guys? Perhaps? Let me know!!***

Anyways! That made me think!! How much of the country music that I listen to isn’t country music??? Does this make me less of a country gal? Does it matter? I have always loved Southern Rock as well as Country (why do you think Big & Rich rock so much?), so really, it doesn’t really affect me, just changes the way I think about music. Perhaps that is why certain artists can be labelled a certain way (Michael Bublé, for instance, is labeled as jazz/blues, but gets played on country stations, sounding very much the same as Blue Rodeo) but sound so much like a completely different type of music.

Something for me to think about…


**UPDATE** I have looked into the Van Zant thing myself. Turns out they are from Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special. No wonder they sound so familiar!!

Also – if you haven’t heard this yet – Cowboy Troy debuted #2 on the billboard charts! Pretty good for a whole new genre – hick hop!!

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