So it has been a while…

… but in my defence, it has been a busy week! So much has happened. So, between errands, paperwork (read: bills!), and housework, I am taking 2 minutes and writing to you, dear reader….

Let’s see… garden is finally done. I actually have plants in the garden space. I am still short peas, cucumbers, some green peppers, and lettuce, but those are coming. Not entirely sure if I can get cucumbers and peas at a greenhouse, but here is hoping! I ended up with a 9 x 9 space rather than an 8 x 10. Not sure how that worked out, but I have an extra square foot now. Perhaps a few more peas might be in order.

I am getting some flowers coming up in my front bed as well. I don’t remember what I planted (I know – what a green thumb!!), but I am pretty sure I put in some poppies and some little white flowers, and I think some asters. Not sure, but we will know when they bloom! I also picked up a couple of lily of the valley today – they are tiny, so they won’t take over the entire garden this year, but it may give me the coverage I am looking for and fight back against the peonies (which I will have to split again in the fall).

We have heard from the Children’s Aid Society, regarding the status of our claim on the kids there. (What? Where did this come from? Let me tell you…). DH’s cousin gave up her children in ’03 and they have been in foster care since. We put in a claim for guardianship over them, and we are filing for kinship foster care (not sure how it is all working, but that is why we have a case worker). They are doing a home inspection and interviews on the 15th, then our court date is the 20th. They will be wards of the state then, and placed with us if all goes well. After that, we will meet them (we haven’t yet), and they will be with us permanently. Yay!

We are getting so excited about that. Of course, now there is a tonne of stuff that needs to be done, mostly paperwork and phone calls, but it is very exciting. Add to that the fact that the house is a STY, and some definate organization is needed. Basic needs can be met, but basic safety? As long as they stay outside or in the middle of the floor! I really need to brush up on my housekeeping skills (or lack there-of).

I am also jumping in and helping out with paperwork for my FIL. There is so much that mom did while she was able, we are just trying to get a handle on organizing everything. It is nice to be able to do something to help. I have been feeling useless for some time – and since doing helps me get over things, I have been going a little stir-crazy (although apparently housework didn’t occur to me!).

I don’t know if I mentioned, I am collecting pledges for the Canadian Cancer Society Walk for Life. If you would like to donate (and it may be your $2 that makes a difference), you can do so by clicking this link.

Sparks is over for Kimber now, she had her final camping weekend this last weekend. She had loads of fun, but we forgot Stockings, so she had a hard time sleeping… I have decided to vollinteer (yep, I have no idea how to spell that) as a leader next year, so I will be more involved in that.

Lauryn is up to her usual tricks. Yesterday she came over to me and put on some beads on me, then stood back and said, “Mommy, you’re boofull!!” Then came and gave me a great big kiss. How can you resist that!

Scott is doing ok. He is living the mantra, “One day at a time”. He has his good days and his bad, as are we all. He is doing ok at work though, and finally making some good friends, so we are moving on.

On the stitching front, I have started one of my RR pieces today – TW’s Dragon Rampant. I am still waiting on the other RR piece, which is way late!! It won’t be done on time, and so the next person will be off on their schedule as well. Not much I can do about it, but such is life.

So that is life here. No SBQ today, Renée is on vacation. Watch for it next week!



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