It is astounding how quickly things can pile up. I feel like I have a to-do list taller than me. Between the RR’s that are coming up, the home assesment/court date by the CAS, the Relay for Life stuff that is due – both the fund raising and the t-shirts that we are getting done (and I have only one logo for), my FIL’s paperwork stuff, thank you cards for the funeral, my own paperwork stuff, and fitting in my Pampered Chef business all in there, I need a vacation. Even the weekend camping was filled with my going over all the stuff that needs to be done. I need a secretary. And an accountant. A personal assistant would be great. Heck, just get me an entourage and I will sit all day and just stitch!!!

We finally got some rain these last few days, and the garden is thankful. I have potatoes up, and flowers on my tomatoes!!! I am a little concerned about my beans and carrots, though. There are a few ant holes where I planted them, and I am afraid they may have run off with the seads. I will have to look into that.

As far as stitching goes, I am trying to finish off my first RR piece, which needs to be sent off by this weekend. Then, finishing off the 2nd piece, then back to Gifts by the Sea. Then, hopefully, the b-day gift and I will try to fit in Lily Maiden in my rotation. I am already feeling overwhelmed.

So, it is Wednesday and Renee is back from vacation, so here is today’s SBQ:

Do you feel the need to stitch a design from a specific designer just to say that you’ve experienced stitching one of their designs?

Not really. I tend to stitch only things that I like or that would be perfect as gifts. I am not one to stitch a useless thing…not that stitching is useless!! Having said that, now that I have actually finished a TW (even if it is one of her easier ones), I do feel like I have joined a club. I love Chatelaine designs and one day I hope to stitch one, but the difficulty and price is forcing me to wait a while. I like L & L, but not enough to stitch it. Mirabilia is definately on my list, but that is in the future.

And so that is life here. I am off now to finish cleaning house. Sigh. I need a maid.


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