…and in keeping with things Faerie…

You scored as A Too Lazy Faerie. You hate being active, and thats the way you like it. Waited on and totally pampered, looking beautiful without the effort. You like to watch the world circle around you and you’re great for a long chat or long snooze. You prefer a more slow and peaceful way of living, but remember a little bit of exercise is good for your health, giving you more life for luxury 😉

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A Too Sweet Faerie


A Too Lazy Faerie


A Too Astral Faerie


A Too Silly Faerie


A Too Kinky Faerie


A Too Depressed Faerie


A Too Evil Faerie


A Too Serious Faerie


A Too Sporty Faerie


Which Dysfunctional Faerie are You?
created with QuizFarm.com

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