My brush with infamy!!

…ok, not really, but this is the closest I have come to someone famous!! Ok, not really, but here is the story.

Last night we were watching one of our 4 channels, and on CTV there was a show called Robson Arms. Not a fantastic show, but it killed an hour. One of the episodes starred Tobias Mehler. So, you say? Let me fill in the back story…

Back in 1994, I won a trip to Ottawa through the rotary club to experience Canada in its capital. There was one attendie per political riding in Canada, so about 350 or so of us (don’t ask me the exact number, I don’t remember!). Anyways, there was one fellow there, whom all the girls gazed at from afar. Some from not so far. His name was Tobias Mehler, and he had aspirations of becoming an actor. When watching the show last night, it was definately him. I remember the beautiful dark hair.

Here he is these days…

And to prove it, I dug up our group picture for that year and you can see us… sigh…



… ah, youth.

Another cool tidbit… if you check out the show or the show’s website, you will see a little statue of a boy peeing in the fountain… he is the Manneken-Pis – the boy who (according to the story I heard) saved Belgium from fire by peeing on it. He must have had a great many glasses of water. Any ways – he is Flemish and so am I!! lol – ’cause I know you are all interested!!



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