Is this my house?

Unbelievable!! My house has stayed clean for just about 3 whole days!! Incredible! I think I have finally figured out that maintaining a clean house is a lot easier than letting it all pile up and doing a big cleanin en masse. Go figure. It is amazing how a clean house can brighten our moods as well. I actually felt like making waffles for breakfast yesterday, and I had time to stitch!! Yee haw! My little witch for my first RR is just about done. When I finish her this afternoon, I will post her here. We all have had less stress this weekend and it is glorious.

So… I have been a little lax in my duties, so I will go over what has happened these last few days. As you may (or may not know – not sure if I actually posted on here what was going on…) know, we had our Children’s Aid home inspection on Thursday. Our case worker was here for FIVE hours. Talk about thorough. Fortunately, we felt completely at ease and her questions were easy to answer. We managed to get a bit more information on the kids as well. S is 8, turning 9 in August, and is an intelligent little girl. She seems to have weight issues, but they figure that may be situational – she eats as comfort. T is 7, turing 8 in December, and can be very bright, but seems to have more issues. He has issues with stealing, lying, is anti-social, and may have a learning disability. All of this is understandable, based on what the kids have been through, but it will be challenging to help them through this. I hope we are up to it!

And so we have started looking around for other homes. We have found a large 6 bedroom for under $70000 in town, and although it needs work, it is in our price range – and then we could even afford to get it fixed up, since the mortgage is less than half of what we are paying for rent right now.

Our court date is tomorrow, so hopefully by Tuesday we will have a timeline we can go by. As far as we know, we have to hand in the remaining paperwork, then we meet the kids a couple of times, and then they move in. It is exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

In other news, Kimber has two loose teeth. Apparently she has decided to get rid of them all at the same time! Which really isn’t surprising since she got all her teeth as a baby in a span of about 3 months. She is wiggling like crazy, because she wants something from the treasure chest at school – something they get when they loose a tooth.

I am upset with Wal-Mart. I wanted to write about this the other day, but it was so late, I fell asleep before I got a chance. So – we were having hot dogs for supper on Wednesday – after a long day of cleaning, I had no desire to cook. Well, we were all out of condiments – the only thing we had was ketchup. Sorry, I like a little more flavour. So, at 7:30, I ran out to Wal-Mart to pick up some others. Well, they were all out of relish and Pepsi. After hunting down someone who worked there (and I had to hunt – all the way to the jewellery department!), I asked her to call someone down who could help me look for this stuff, or at least grab it from the back. She called, and of course, no one answered. So she took her handy electronic scanner and scanned the upc’s for me. Yep, there are at least 7 relishes in the back and 17 Pepsis. Perhaps you could call tomorrow and they will be on the shelves.


How does that possibly help me with supper tonight? If they are in the back, perhaps you could just run out and get them, since apparently customers are supposed to be #1 with Wal-Mart. (You could loose 20 lbs in the process, I thought.)

Sorry, it is not my department. Perhaps you could call the grocery manager in the morning.

I could not believe my ears. Apparently it wasn’t convienient for Wal-Mart to take my money at that time. So, not only was my hot dogs getting cold at home, I had to run out to A&P and pay to much for relish.

I was so angry. I wish I had called a manager at that point. I may have gotten a free relish and case of Pepsi.

On the other hand, I got a great jacket for $4. That did much to allieviate my anger.


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