A yearning for the simple life…

I am really missing a simple life today. It started off like a regular day, then I actually listened to the news on the clock radio this morning.

There was a hit and run yesterday. Police are looking for the perpetrator. They have the make and model of the car, the colour and the first four letters of the license plate. They even have a description of the driver and passenger.

Are all you CSI fans listening? Heck, Warrick would have this solved in 15 minutes. Even Horatio in Miami would solve it in under an hour. Alas, we apparently don’t have access to computers.

There was also a bomb scare in our local Wal-Mart. A “suspicious package” turned out to be a backpack filled with beer bottles. I realize that since 9-11 the world is on edge, but seriously, what is the tactical advantage of taking out a Wal-Mart? We live near one of the largest military bases in the country – even if it was for distraction, the base would be shut down so quickly, a distraction would become a mere inconvience. Apparently they couldn’t just unzip the thing and check it out. The store was shut down for 2 hours and traffic re-routed. Police are still looking for the owner of the backpack.

This morning I was driving home and, during a busy traffic moment, stopped at the green light so as to not block the intersection (which, as all drivers who actually read the book know, is illegal to do), and some pr*ck on a cell phone started honking at me!! Not just honking once, but multiple times!! And yelling!

So I yelled back. And discovered I really needed a coffee and a vacation. I have a huge yearning to go to a place where the only traffic problems one encounters is fixing your neighbour’s tractor. At least then I could solve all the crimes along with my CSI buddies every Thursday night without issue.



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