You know in that split second…

… when you are about to fall and you instantly know if you are actually going to fall or just stumble and recover? I experienced that last night, and didn’t recover. I knew the instant my foot slipped on the top stair I was going down. I also knew to stop myself, I had to grab hold of the banister. Yank!!

It is funny how fast the brain can work in such a situation. I knew enough to fall back, to grab hold, and yet I yelled out. I ended up falling about half way down the stairs, on my backside. And I feel it today. Today, when we are participating in a 12 hour relay walk. I am not looking forward to tomorrow. I have a feeling stretching won’t help much.

So today is our Relay for Life walk. I will be bringing a camera to get some great pictures – most of our team is dressing up, and since we are Mama Bo’s Flying Circus, we are in Monty Python theme. Should be some good costumes! I will not be a witch. (They put this nose on me!!) So, look tomorrow for some pictures (if I am alive enough to move).


On the stitching front, I have bit the bullet and decided to do a rotation. Yep. It is time. So, my new rotation will be as follows:

Week one: Sister Tribute – a modified design – sorry, no pic till it’s done!
Week two: Gifts by the Sea (this one is almost done, so I will be subbing in the draggie for my FIL here)
Week three: Lily Maiden by TW
Week four: Always by Enchanting Lair.

Every Sunday will be devoted to Christmas. I will be alternating between ornaments and card motifs. When round robins are received, I will devote all time to them and get them out right away.

This sounds do-able to me. I figure I should have time then to get all the deadline stuff done and some extras for me as well. Thoughts? I may even only dedicate evenings to stitching, and afternoon time to quilting, etc.

And so I leave you – off to pack!



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