You would think I have had enough experience with children…

to know better. I decided to give Lauryn a hair cut today. She started saying it would hurt (yep, new to me, too), and I showed her it wouldn’t by snipping my own hair. Fast forward to after the cut, I settled her in with a movie and went upstairs to wake Scott so I could take a shower… leaving the scissors.

Here is the result.

Nice. Fortunately she has enough hair (left) that her bald spots cover up nicely.


Our relay yesterday went over very well. Unfortunately I forgot the camera (and Scott’s sandles and a sign), so no pictures until I get some from Lex. Hopefully I will be able to give you a rundown on that early next week.


I was going to post a progress picture of the Dragon Rampant I am stitching for one of my round robins. But my scanner isn’t working!! GRRRRRRR!!! I really need some new hardware. How am I supposed to support my stitching habit with mediocre equipment?

So I guess that is all for today. Sigh. Tomorrow I plan to hand dye fabric for ornaments. I will take digitals of those for you!



2 thoughts on “You would think I have had enough experience with children…

  1. Isabelle

    Oh dear. You must have been crazy when you first saw what Lauryn did!!
    I’m sure it’ll grow out fast… 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the pictures of your dyed fabrics! I never dared to do it – partly because of the smallness of my place, and partly because I’d be afraid to mess it up royally and botch the fabric. So your experience is very impressive! 🙂

  2. Dawn

    Oh no! I would say she will outgrow doing that but my 10 yr old just recently cut or tried to cut her cowlick out of her hair.


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