My first attempt at hand dying… and pictures!

Today I had a chance to try hand dying some fabric that will eventually be used for ornaments. The result:

You can’t really see the verigation on the fabric, but there are some very pretty shades of pink. I used unsugared grape Kool-Aid, by boiling the fabric for 30 minutes, then washing and soaking in Raycafix fixing agent by G&S Dye. This was my first attempt at using this product and it seems ok. I will know better after the post-stitching wash.

The large piece in the back turned out the best. It is 28 ct Jubiliee evenweave. The front left is an ivory aida that really is more brown than pink. I probably won’t end up using that one. The front right is a white aida, which Kimber will be stitching on.

I think that this is a fun thing to do, but I don’t think I would use this method for larger projects. Something about using Kool-Aid on an expensive fat quarter just doesn’t sit well!!


I have pictures of the relay!! Here are some selected images of our team… (remember, we went with a Monty Python theme)

This is Bill, aka Patsy, and Nicholas, aka Sir Galahad the Chaste (announced after he knew what the word “chaste” actually meant).

This is Scott, aka head thumping monk, and Lauryn, good Lady Knight.

Kimber, good Lady Knight, about to go up in the boom with her auntie Lex (the photographer).

The team photo from the boom.

And finally, the team photo:

From left to right, back row: Martin, Me (I’m not a witch!!), Max (mother of Brian of he who is called Brian), Brenda (fiercest creature for yards around), Jerry (sir Knight), Nikki (Zoot), Alexis, Graeme (the Black Knight) and Jen (Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film)
Middle: Scott (head thumping monk), Jim, Bill (Patsy), Peggy (King Arthur), Nicholas (Sir Galahad the Chaste), Sarah
Front: Lauryn (good Lady Knight), Dylan, Kimber (good Lady Knight)

A good time was had by all. And there was much rejoicing.



3 thoughts on “My first attempt at hand dying… and pictures!

  1. Isabelle

    Great dyeing job! Wow!

    DBF and I are crazy about the Monty Python too. I had a good laugh reading your entry and looking at the pics! Can’t believe you guys even thought of impersonating the rabbit! Thanks for the good laugh 😀


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