A hot, sticky mess!

It is hot. Very hot. And sticky. Very, very, sticky. It rained this morning, and it got MORE humid out. I don’t mind the heat. I find it glorious. I am cold all the time so it is a nice change. But I could do without the humidity. Yesterday we got up to 40ºC with the humidity.

What can you do? Turn the fan on oneself and stitch!! My plan today is to finish Dragon Rampant.

I have discovered the thing that is interfering with my stitching. The reason why I can’t get anything done these days. My bittersweet arch-nemisis.

Munchkin Fu.

If you haven’t discovered this game, please do. It is hilarious, and it eats away at your time. Seriously. Sunday stitching is rapidly disappearing as an option since it is rapidly turning into game day. We suddenly feel like the kids in the park with the ball – everyone wants to come over to play! We had 9 people playing last week. It was a riot. So I need to get as much stitching in as I can, lest I fall prey to the dreaded Tu Phat.



One thought on “A hot, sticky mess!

  1. Hope

    I can say that Muncinkin Fu is definitley a time stealer, when you are not playing , you are thinking about playing!!@@@ Even when you should be taking pictures! I think that we have been hit with nothing short of Munchinkin Powder and now we are TRAPPED!! hehe
    I must say that my shots do look good online@@


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