Why Dora doesn’t answer the questions of the universe.

As most of you know, Lauryn is a very big fan of Dora. On today’s episode, they are off to Snowy Mountain to search for Boots’ lost fire truck. The problem is, so is Swiper!!!

After they pass Crocodile lake, Boots starts gloating that Swiper will never catch up now! So what do Dora and Boots do? They stand there and wait while Swiper tries to pole vault the lake, jump over the lake on a trampoline, then finally pull out the jetski. Why are they not using this time while Swiper is trying these goofy ways of crossing the lake? They should press the advantage!!!

On another episode, Issa loses a wheel from her scooter. Luckily, Dora has a backpack, filled with wheels. As Kimber is inspecting the wheels to pick the right one, she asks, “How could a ferris wheel possibly fit in that backpack?” How, indeed?

This is what happens on a rainy day. I sit and stitch watching Dora and the silly things she does.


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