Bear Witness!!

Voila – my tribute piece is well on its way. I won’t give you details as to who it is for or why, but I am pretty sure the recipient is computer-less, so here is a picture. It is a design from a magazine and to which I am adding a poem. It is being stitched on 32 ct Permin in Silvery Moon.

I am doing almost everything different with this project:

• I am starting from the bottom left corner. This is because of the modifications, I have no idea where the centre is. I am pretty sure I will have enough fabric, but already I haven’t left enough for matting during the framing. I am going to have to get a spectacular frame to make up for it.
• I am stitching a whole area then moving on rather than a colour at a time. This is completely backwards to me, but the count is so tiny I am terrified of missing something and making a mistake.
• Since I am stitching a whole area, I am backstitching as I go. Or at least I plan to. I haven’t actually yet. But watch this space.
• I am doing it in a rotation! 3 days and counting – this may be the start of something beautiful!
• I am actually considering getting a lap stand and frame! What has the world come to?

Since I am doing this as a weekly rotation, I hope to post at least a couple of progress pics a week. That way I can see my progress, too! lol


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