Weekend update

What a great weekend. I had a blast and learned ooodles of info. For any Pampered Chef customers – Canada has cranberry stoneware! Yeee haw!!

And on to piccys:

This is Doris Christopher, founder of the company. She just released a new book, “The Pampered Chef: the Story Behind the Creation of One of Today’s Most Beloved Companies” and it is already #2 on the Barnes & Noble list – right below the new Harry Potter. Very cool.

Here I am with my roommates (from left to right): Claire, Sandy and Stacey. I am standing behind them.

How did this get here? Imagine that! 😀
This is all I got done this weekend. There was too much stuff going on that all I got done was a little of the lavender and some of the back stitching. Yesterday was a write off, so no Christmas stuff got done yesterday. This week I will be working on “Gifts by the Sea”, and hopefully getting that one mostly done.

So that is all for today… I am busy now cleaning the house and transcribing notes… fun….

One thought on “Weekend update

  1. Measi

    Hi Christine!

    Nice to meet you– thanks for adding me. I’m doing the same. I’m the only one of my immediate group of friends who stitches, so it’s nice to find other bloggers who love the hobby. 🙂



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