Today’s Stitching Blogger’s Question

Today’s (well, I have been sitting on it since Monday) Stitching Blogger’s Question is:

What do you do when you have some sort of obligation stitching to do, but don’t want to do it?

Well, I have discovered that most of my stitching becomes an obligation piece at one time or another. Either I am obligated to stitch it for someone else, or I have imposed obligations of myself to finish them. I think there are about 80% of my projects that I say “I don’t want to stitch this anymore” to. Hence my new rotation. So far it is keeping me going – hopefully it continues to do so.

In other news, it is finally a temperature that we can deal with outside. There is even a lovely breeze to cool off the house. And I am presented with a little extra time today. We were orginally planning on going to the beach today, but Lex is nursing a sunburn already and we don’t need to add on to it! We will attempt to go on Friday. So… I will stitch! OK! I got my final piece for my first round robin yesterday, so I can whip that up and get it out the door by Friday. Sounds pretty simple – and get this – I am stitching a dragon!! lol The owner of the piece sent a number of patterns, and there is a dragon in there. Well twist my arm! Expect a pic of that soon.

Speaking of pics – sorry about the last pic of my tribute piece – not sure how to take a decent picture of my stitching and still keep it big enough. That was my 5th attempt at a photo!

So off to lunch – and stitching!


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