Round Robin Happy Dance

…and this completes one of the round robins I have been participating in….

Yay! Sorry the pic doesn’t show it very well – I had to take a picture again. Apparently I need to learn how to operate a camera.

I also got a chance to work on “Gifts By the Sea”. I am working on the backsitching of the inside frame, and it is incredible how much that is adding. I am actually looking forward to seeing this one done, even if it isn’t my typical style.

I might be able to get a little bit more done tomorrow, but that will be it for this week as we are disappearing for the weekend… So no Christmas on Sunday, either.

BUT! That means I get to start Lily Maiden on Monday! Woo hoo!!


2 thoughts on “Round Robin Happy Dance

  1. Carol

    Don’t worry Christine – I can’t work a camera either! Half of my garden pics come out blurry 🙂 I love that seaside project – gorgeous!!!!


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