Another finished project

So I have finished another project. This one was a last minute thing, for little Erynn, a lovely princess who had her 1st birthday party yesterday. Here is what I made for her:

It isn’t finished yet, but I plan to put dowling on it and make it a door announcement. The pattern came from “Cross Stitch Fairies”, which I love! I will definately be stitching a whole lot of faeries in the future! Since I missed her brother Bryan’s birthday, I will be stitching one up for him too – but I would like to find a dragon alphabet. (If anyone knows of one, !please! let me know.)

Since I was working on that, my rotation is at a stand still. I have to find time as well to add in a baby sampler for our friends who are due the first week of September. Not sure when I will find the time for that. Fortunately the one I have chosen is both sweet and a quick stitch.

Because of all the stitching interuptions I have been experiencing, I am considering changing up my rotatation. Currently I am doing a one-week rotation, where I work on each project for one week, then switch. I am finding I am not making any progress doing this. So, for the summer at least, I am thinking of a two week rotation. Hopefully then I will make some visual progress.

So this weekend was definately a weekend for the kids. On Friday we celebrated Scott’s birthday with an angel food cake – he wanted to go without, but the kids really wanted to surprise him – and “surprised” he was – especially since I asked him at the grocery store what kind of cake and icing he wanted. On Saturday, we spent the day (and night) at our friends who are having the previously mentioned baby – along with their 5 sons. Yep, 5. Plus one more. Definately some testosterone overload in that house. That was a nice quiet visit! 😉 The girls had a blast. On Sunday was Erynn’s birthday party – so, we were surrounded by 9 kids there. Needless to say, when I came home last night, all I wanted to do was sit quietly and stitch.

If all goes according to prophecy, today I will be finishing off the door sign, gridding up Lily Maiden, finally getting to lacing up Dragon Ride (the pins just aren’t holding it – although I never thought they would), and – getting an air conditioner (hopefully!!). My FIL is planning on coming over and installing one this afternoon. Not soon enough! We will end up never leaving the house!

And I think I am one of the few fans on the planet who hasn’t picked up HP #6. I do not own any of them, and right now I can’t afford to start. So, I am on the waiting list at the library. I am only #8 on the list, so it shouldn’t take long!

So that’s the news today. Hopefully I will be posting some pictures tomorrow – keep your fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “Another finished project

  1. AngelSan

    I love the Fairies sign !!!! Is that book really good?

    I have stitched the S of that alphabet as it was published in World of cross stitching…

  2. Literary Lady

    Try listening to the HP books. They are great to stitch to. I finished the new one over the weekend as well as a stitching project at the same time!


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