….air conditioning……

…ah love it…..

I was actually able to drink my coffee this morning without breaking a sweat. Nice.

Ok! On to other stuff! Here is a pic of the finished door sign:

Sorry for the blurry pic, but you get the idea. AngelSan asked if the faerie book is really that good – IMHO, yes. I don’t really like any designs that are too cutsy, and even the cutsy ones in this book (there aren’t a lot by my standards) are great.

I spent yesterday looking forward to stitching Lily Maiden, and it looked like I was finally going to get to it after the girls went to bed. First, since the air conditioner was being installed and the living room was hit by the “too-many-men-in-the-room-working-on-one-thing” tornado, I decided to make Scott’s lunch for today. Since the window was screenless, and since that is Spike’s favourite resting spot, I was carrying him around with me while I was frying the meat. Spike is not normally a skittish kitten and for some reason (we think he may have gotten splashed by some of the oils in the pan), he bolted out of my arms – scratching my stitching hand, arm and neck in the process. Well, the three gouges in my hand bleeding all over the place and the rapid swelling kaboshed the plan for the evening. It got a little better after I put on some aloe vera, but that did nothing for poor Lily. So I ended up falling asleep to “Die Hard 2”.

I will get working on it today, though. Hopefully I will have the gridding done (BORING!!!) and some good visual progress made by tomorrow. *Note – I know it says 5% done on the right, but I don’t have a 0% bar! lol * Watch for pics!


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