I guess it has been a few days…

… since I last posted. Sorry. Not much has happened, so I really have no excuse. So, let’s see… what to blog today….

Sunday was spent grocery shopping, and then a barbecue with friends. Of course, that meant Munkin Fu was pulled out as well…

Yesterday we were originally going to pick up some dive gear Lex is buying, but plans got changed last minute, so we ended up at the beach. The girls had a blast. The sun was beautiful, the water lovely. Today, we are all nursing sunburns except for Lauryn. Kimber is a little burnt on her back, and escaped the worst of it. I, on the other hand, am barely able to move my upper body. I used sunscreen, a SPF 15, which normally keeps me pasty white, but not this time. Apparently I need something stronger.

Today is a rainy day, which is good since it has been so very dry here. We did get a quick storm Saturday afternoon, but it really did nothing except perk up a few plants for a couple of hours. Hopefully the garden will actually get hydrated today.

So, since I am actually inside today, I plan on nursing my wounds by stitching Always. It looks like an easier project since there are no blends and very few 1/4 stitches, so hopefully it stitches up quickly.

That’s all for today. Ta!


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