Just about enough of this sunburn!!!

Ok, I have had enough. For the 3rd straight day, I am in pain. I have aloe’d, noxema’d, vitamin e’d. I am tired of having the fabric of my tops scratching me, tired of the itching. If I could go topless, this would be much easier (OKAY!, says Scott). It doesn’t look as bad today, but it feels the same. I will take the red if I could loose the sore. This is affecting me in ways I haven’t imagined – I haven’t been able to stitch, or knit. Moving my arms too much causes discomfort. Not only that, all I want to do is veg. K, that isn’t much different than normal, but I can usually over come that.

So this will be a short entry today because I am cranky, and no one wants that! So, hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to innundate you with useless banter. I have much to discuss.

Till then!


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