An Update on many things…

First of all, and I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats for this: My sunburn is manageable today. It is just ichy now, as the pealing stage has started. Good. That is something to look forward to.

I finished HP#6 last night, and boy, was I wrong about the end. I was sad. It was a good book, not as good as #5 (the best so far, IMHO), but it sets up for a great #7. There are so many things that need to be finished off, it will be interesting to see how that happens. So now we wait, what, another year and a half? *Sigh* I guess the movies will have to sustain me.

I got another hour in last night on “Always”. That makes 2 this week. Here is the pic:

I will hopefully get some more in today, then this weekend I am planning on stitching Christmas designs. Since I have only stitched one weekend all month, I need to sit down and take care of that or all the exchanges I signed up for won’t be happening.

Speaking of exchanges. I signed up for 2 more. I know, I can bearly find the time to do what I have now! But! These are cool!! Becky has set up a Stitching Bloggers Exchange Board and I have signed up for the Autumn theme and Garden theme exchanges. They don’t have to be sent out for a few more months, so this gives me some time. I have a few designs already in mind, so I am just waiting on the person I need to send to, to figure out what I am doing up.

So now I am playing catch up again. On Whiz’s blog, she was asked which type of help she would like if she could only have one. She was given a list containing personal assistant, housekeeper, cook, etc. At the point where I was reading that question, the phone rang. I couldn’t find the phone. Apparently my answer would be a resounding “HOUSEKEEPER”. Today I am cleaning house, trasferring my fish to a clean tank, doing laundry and doing month-end accounting (business and personal). If I had a housekeeper, I could cross 3 of those things off my list. Permanently. I would be getting a whole lot more than 2 hours a week of stitching in, that’s for sure! Anyone want to donate a housekeeper?

That is it for today. I am off to clean. *SIGH*


2 thoughts on “An Update on many things…

  1. BeckySC

    LOL, Christine 🙂 I love your housekeeper comment 🙂

    Thanks for the plug about the BB 🙂 And again I am happy to have you there 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  2. Little Grey Cat

    Here Here! I could do with a housekeeper too! I could also do with a fish keeper. My poor fishtank has a lovely coating of green algae over everything at the moment and I don’t know how to get rid of it!

    Hope your sunburn gets better soon too.


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