Today’s Rant

I feel rantish today. I woke up this way and was hoping that by the end of the day it would disappear, but no such luck. I want to rant about a lot of things, but here is what is on the forefront of my mind.

Parenting other people’s children.

Kimber has a couple of friends who have recently discovered where she lives. Now they are over here twice a day to play. Normally I don’t have a problem with that. Kimber needs to play outside more, and she has so few friends it is nice to see someone taking an interest in her. There are two little girls. One six, one eight. The six year old is sweet. She tends to do stuff that is against the rules, but as soon as she knows the rules, she stops. Fair enough. I admit we have perhaps one too many rules.

The eight year old repeatedly breaks the rules. And she knows them because I tell her every time. She lacks respect for my girls, their stuff and me. And that is what gets me the most. Her lack of respect. She breaks the rules, knowing it is breaking the rules. Today she was over by herself. She took Kimber’s toys out onto the street (where they are not allowed to play – that is not a rule I bend on, AT ALL and I can’t understand parents who let their children play on the street – especially one like ours. If I could keep my children locked in the yard, I would) and rode Kimber’s bike around the block, leaving Kimber to stare longingly after her.

I don’t believe in parenting other people’s children. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and I can respect that. When those children are misbehaving in my house, however, and the parent does nothing about it, I have to step in. I told the child exactly what I thought of her breaking the rules as she did. I told her that if she wanted to play at our house, she would also have to obey our rules. Period.

For the rest of the morning, she moped around. And, therefore, so did Kimber. They kept trying to come inside to play (where she was even worse, yesterday), and I kept sending them outside. Finally, when it was time to come in for lunch, she went home. “I don’t know when I will see you again, Kimber. I am going away on vacation to Florida.”

Kimber has been mopey for the rest of the day. I told her, “C must not like me very much, huh?” “You were mean to her, mommy”. Ah. So I have had to explain to Kimber my behaviour.

My question is why should I have to? Why does it seem like rotten kids always come to my house? Why am I the mean mommy instead of the cool one? I don’t want to be mean. When I was growing up, we had our rules (much the same rules Kimber has), and when we went to another’s home, we had their rules IN ADDITION. Much the same as Kimber. Scott and I both agree on that. My children are pretty disciplined and very respectful. I imagined that most other kids are too. I guess I was wrong.

End rant. Tomorrow, gas prices.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Rant

  1. Dawn

    I understand how you feel and I agree with you. I am in the exact boat you are. Allie has a friend who purposely does things she knows are against our house rules.

  2. Measi

    She may mope about it, but if you don’t set the groundrules, not only will this child continue to act up while at your home, but Kimber might get the ideas that “well, if so-and-so gets away with it, why can’t I?”

    Kids definitely aren’t disciplined and respectful for the most part when they’re away from their parents. Don’t feel guilty about setting the rules for her. If the child doesn’t like it, she can go home. My parents made those rules, and they did call parents and ask them to get their children if they wouldn’t behave. Don’t be ashamed to do the same.

    ~ Mel.


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