SBQ Day!

Today is Wednesday, which means time for the Stitching Bloggers Question:

“Have you hand-dyed your own fabric? Why or why not? Would you like to try to do so?”

Yep. I sure have. My latest finish is on my own hand-dyed. Granted, it was a kool-aid dye, and one day I would love to try the air-brushing with actual dyes, but I need a bit more money for supplies for that. Perhaps if I can sell some designs, one day….*sigh*.

In the mean time, you can read about my hand dying experience here.


I have forgiven my computer again. It was my own fault for deleting the files in the first place, and just cause it was having a bad day does not mean I should freak out. But I want too!

One thought on “SBQ Day!

  1. Dawn

    Your dye job inspired me to do mine 🙂 I wanted to let you know that Kitty is doing much better today.


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