Much to talk about

Lots of random things today. Well, let’s get to the good stuff first. My progress on my tribute piece:

I am finally moving on to the first of three roses. Once all the flowers are done, then I move on to a poem. Since that is just lettering, that should be fairly easy to do. I hope to finish this piece by Christmas.


Today is an experiment in Potty training. Lauryn is down to two diapers a day, so she shoudl be ready to go on the potty. The problem is that she doesn’t want to. So, to “force” her, as it were, she is in panties today. I am hoping that if she feels she is wet, that it will make a difference. If I don’t see a change in a few days, then we will go back to diapers.


My mother called last night and informed me that she and my father are getting a divorce after 7 years of separation. I have been estranged from my father for some time and so I can’t help be happy that they are finally moving on. Unfortunately, it is a result of my father finding someone else. I can’t begrudge him that, I guess.


My brothers have applied to go to school next year at a seminary in BC. That is very cool. My oldest brother has been thinking for some time to join the priesthood and this is the next logical step. It will be interesting to hear from them as to their experiences.


Scott opened up to me a bit last night. His mother’s passing is still a huge factor in his day, and it has taken some time for him to even talk to me about it. He has talked to me about it before, but conversations don’t really last long, and he doesn’t say what is really on his mind. It is difficult because I know he just wants to talk to someone who knows how he is feeling and I can’t do that for him. I miss her too, but never as much as he does. Talking to his father or sister doesn’t help either – no talking gets done, then.


Gas prices went up yesterday (you had warning this rant was coming!). I really can’t understand the reasoning behind the deciding factor of the prices. Last week, a local station went from 85 cents per litre to 96 cents. Then back down to 85 cents. This was in a span of 6 hours.

I took economics in school, and even managed to stay awake for some of the classes. Basic economics states that a product is shipped from the manufacturer at a certain price – to cover costs, taxes, shipping, etc. The retailler receives the product and resells it at a certain price, higher than the manufacturer, in order to make a profit. I don’t have a problem with the actual price of gas – I can understand at least that much.

Gas stations get gas delivered to them periodically. I can only assume they pay the market price at that time, plus any additional shipping costs, etc. Now they have a certain amount of gas in their tanks. For the sake of numbers, lets say they have 1000 litres of gas, for which they paid 50 cents per litre. If gas stations acted like any other retailler, the gas would then be sold for 70 cents. Instead, the consumer pays market price plus extra. Why? We don’t pay market prices for gold, which changes as much as gas prices do. A ring at the local jewellery store will at least stay the same price, barring any change in moods from the store owner.

Can someone please explain to me why gas cannot be sold the same way? I can’t figure it out.


That’s enough for today. Time for another coffee.

2 thoughts on “Much to talk about

  1. Carol

    You need a few {{{hugs}}}.. so here they are!! I can relate to lots of what you are seeing – we must be of the same mind 🙂

  2. Isabelle

    That’s beautiful stitching Christine. I’ve just been going through your blog and i looks like there has been a lot going on for you over the last few weeks!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog today. It went right to my heart!

    Good luck on potty training Lauryn! I’m amazed at how houmorously you’re taking the whole thing! (At least when you’re narrating them ;o)) What a lesson for life LOL. Seriously, I always enjoy your tongue-in-cheek tone!


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