Adventures in Potty Training

It has been a poopy day. Literally. I have been cleaning up poop all morning.

Lauryn had a great day yesterday. Two accidents (as expected). One was at our local police station (a bit of embarrassment there!) while we were dropping off our criminal check paperwork (yep – for all those waiting on our foster care verdict – we finally got that paid for! We send it off to the CAS next week), and the second after her afternoon nap. I am torn as to whether or not I should put a diaper on her for outings and naps – I am worried she would “save up” for her diapers.

Today was an entirely different experience. She has had 2 accidents this morning alone. One immediately following me asking her if she had to go poop. I got a big, fat, “NOPE!”. I then got big, fat, panties. Nice.

The cats are also on strike today. One of them has started pooping around the house. Fortunately I notice before anyone steps in it. I am not sure why this is happening or which one it is. I would prefer it stops, however.

I didn’t feel like stitching last night. Instead, I worked on a new design, a Geisha. If my scanner ever works again, I may be lucky enough to start the colouring and you may be lucky enough to see a pic. Here is hoping! I won’t ever start getting my designs out there if I can’t get my equipment to work.

That is all the news for today. I am off to file. Paperwork. 😦

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