The Scanner is Working!!!

So you get pictures!! Good thing, too, since the batteries died on the camera today.

First, my current WIP. I know it isn’t in my rotation, but the little one will be born soon so this needs to be done. Here is the beginnings of a birth sampler:

Next, I did some designing recently. My Southeastern Ontario Stitcher’s group are going to be heading off to CSNF this fall and we wanted matching name tags. Here is what we are going to be stitching:

Of course, we are not all Sister Rips-A-Lot. That’s just me.

Over the weekend I did some drawing. I hope to one day make this a new one in a series of famous (sort of) faces.

Sorry for the bad scan on this one. It is only preliminary so it will be fixed eventually.

That’s all the pics for now. I find I can’t really scan in my knitting – and it really looks the same only longer. I am up to 5-1/2″ done of 9″ on one side. I am making progress fairly quickly – I like that!

That’s all for now – Ta!


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