Before I get into what has been going on this weekend, check these out! (Click on the pictures to see bigger ones)

Isn’t that sweet? My SIL is kitty-sitting… a neighbour of hers had found the kitty abandoned and can’t care for it, so SIL is watching it for a few days until they either find someone who wants it or will give it to the Humane society. The vet says “Trooper” is fine – and probably only just over a week old. Turkey took to him right away, and started grooming – for about 40 minutes!

Ok – on to the weekend….

Friday was a write-off. It was a complete do-over day. I had to do everything twice. I knew better than to stitch that night, so I watched “Passion of the Christ”. This is the only movie we have ever bought without seeing first and it was a good gut shot. The movie was so incredibly powerful. I bawlled like any mother would during the falling down scene. It was an incredible movie, and extremely well done. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it – whether you are Christian or not. It is simply a good movie.

Ok! On to Saturday!! Our best man from our wedding got married! His wife seems awesome – she won us over right away when we walked towards the tents where they were having their reception and she came right over to us and said, “You must be Scott and Christine! I’m Cxxx – Hxxx talks about you all the time!” Ok, you can be our new best friend! The wedding was incredible – it was a hawian theme, complete with a pig roast. We have offically decided when we renew our vows in 2 years time, we will be copying most of what was done there. It was so relaxed, and so personal. A very nice wedding.

On Sunday, Scott’s employer hosted a family day. Even through the rain, the girls had a great time. They jumped in the bouncy castle for a good 20 minutes, got to see where Daddy worked (and sits), and got their faces painted. Here are the results:

Kimber sporting tulips.


A good time was had by all. Later that night we had a good family dinner, then I got a couple of hours stitching in. I got another ornament done, and when my scanner works, I will post a pic (sorry!). Trust me, it is pretty – and one I will keep myself since I stitched it on aida. No frogging on this piece!! And it made me realize how much I dislike lazy daisy stitches – I simply cannot figure out how to lay those right. I always end up tacking them down twice. Anyways – I will try the scanner again tomorrow.

I guess this blog is long enough now. You can go back to enjoying your coffee.


3 thoughts on “Awwwww!!

  1. LILI

    Hi, I’m new to your blog (dragged by your comment on Angel San’s blog) and I love the pictures you left here. Both of cats – are the adults yours?- (I’m fond of them, I have an orange one called Phoebe, a golden retriever named Jam and two gerbils named Tama and Myrtle. They’re twin brothers so you can never tell which one is who, but they don’t care…); and of your lovely daughters. I am a mom too, of a boy who’s almost 10 and a girl who’s almost 5, and I’m a new cross stitching addict.
    I will certainly visit again. Have a nice day.


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