A Lazy Sunday… almost

I was going to sit here and talk about how it was such lovely weather out there and it inspired the day to be a lazy lay around day. But, it just started raining. And there is nothing like rain on a clothesline full of clothes that are just about dry to make a person run. Hence the almost.

First of all, thank you so much for the great comments I got on my design. I know geometric designs are easy to do up, but one has to start somewhere!

I just love getting comments. you all are so wonderful and I appreciate every word.

Not much is happening here. Yesterday I went out and had a dissappointing stash enhancement experience. I decided I was going to Michaels to pick up some fabric for my autumn exchange, taking advantage of the 40% off coupon in my wallet. In the mean time, Kimber could pick up a craft item for herself, and I could get some other crafty stuff that I needed. It was going to be a good time. I got to Belleville, wandered around the store, and a PA announcement blared: “Attention customers, unfortunately our debit machine is down. We do, however take credit cards and cash.” Nice. I never carry cash since I spend it as soon as it came to my possession, because, hey, it’s free money! It isn’t spoken for! And my credit card is a no-no topic right now (my brain tends to think it is cash, too!). For what ever reason, my debit card has some sort of control on it. So, since the only person with cash was Kimber (and she was loaded with a whole $1.27), we came home with three pieces of felt. *sigh*

I guess that is bad karma since I didn’t head directly to Knowledge & Needles directly. I know better, but such is the power a coupon has over me (FYI, the fabric I was going to get is cheaper at K & N anyways – the difference with the coupon would have been insignificant). Please forgive me, Ann. I will devote all my stitching business to you instead of evil box stores from now on – I have learned my lesson!

You ask, why did you not then go to K & N? Well, gas is almost a $1/litre now, and after all the gas, it is better to wait. I am heading up there for a stitching retreat on Saturday anyway, so I will pick up what I need then.

So, I tried to console myself by heading to a “factory outlet” craft place on the way home. I don’t really like this place, since everytime I come in there, I feel unwelcome. However, I thought they might have something to cheer me up. While they did have aida by the yard, they didn’t have any linen. And after their prices, no thank you. So, wandered over to their charts and kits, and found Dragon Ride for $56. Yep $56. And this is a “factory outlet”. They didn’t carry any regular floss, only silks. And sorry, no conversion charts, either. Why would you sell aida, and no regular floss? If you are going to be high end, and carry silks, why no linen? Since I feel like they don’t want me anyway, I probably won’t be back.

I ended up consoling myself at Wal-Mart. It was a small consolation, to be sure, but I didn’t get the fabric I wanted. I did, however get a lovely fall print that I will be using to finish my exchange piece. And I got two metres – enough for a table runner for myself, too. 😀

So no stitching on my exchange piece until next week. Oh well. It will be done, eventually. This gives me the chance to stitch on the birth sampler that needs to be done.


One thought on “A Lazy Sunday… almost

  1. Lelia

    I’m the lucky one — going to House of Stitches on Weds or Thurs — kids will be in school & I’m going shopping. Not that I need ANYTHING. I vowed to only work on WIPs this year …. no new starts until 2006!! Yeah, well, what are vows anyhow?


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