Piccy day…

Ready for pictures? Here goes! (Click on the photos for a bigger view.)

Kimber with her new hair cut. Now she is ready to turn 6 and go to grade 1.

Not to be outdone, Lauryn. Taken simply because I had the camera in my hand.

The girls together. I took three pictures like this and not one involved Lauryn actually looking at the camera.

Gifts by the Sea, with all the backstitching of the main image done, and a few of the shells all done. Although it looks nice in the scan, I am a little embarrassed by this project. This was the project that I discovered it really does look better if your stitches go all the same way – so I look at it now and see how awful it looks with all the stitches going in every direction! Live and learn, I guess!

I have to apologize to all of you who have visited my blog and not seen the photos. I have my photos uploaded to a geocities web space, but unfortunately the bandwidth (the amount of times the site can be accessed, basically) is so small the images don’t always get seen. I got a notice from Yahoo! yesterday telling me that the site had been down 22 times in the last month. Yikes. So, now I am searching for another place to put my pictures where I can access them from anywhere. Webshots and Yahoo photos is out, since I can’t directly source the image from them, and the case is the same for my own web site. Eventually I will have my blog and everything on my own site, so that will take care of the blog, but when I post pictures anywhere else I will still need somewhere I can access. For now, I will have to grit my teath and use Netscape so I can use the blogger photo option (I really don’t like Netscape – give me Safari every time!). At least then you can see the photos!


5 thoughts on “Piccy day…

  1. cathymk

    Christine I use Safari and blogger photo (not always successfully, so I see your point!!). I had been using Flickr for my photo hosting.

  2. Valerie (grvlgal)

    Awwww, the girls are so sweet! And I wouldn’t worry too much about which way your stitches went. Live and learn, and from a distance, who can tell? 🙂


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