Happy Birthday, Kimber!

Six years ago today, I was learning what it was to be a mommy. Awww. My baby is six today! We spent the morning picking up stuff for her party (Warning – Spongebob parties are far more expensive than expected – more on that later), and getting her photos taken (birthday and school photos – you will have to wait until the 14th to see those). Now she is out having a day with Auntie Lex, while I spend way too much money on stuff to feed all the guests for her party on Sunday. Yay.

Wait – it gets better – cleaning the house comes next.

See, I knew you would get excited with me! For those of you looking to do a Spongebob party, some suggestions – when buying a cake, buy a rectangle cake. Ice it in yellow. Put the lettering on it. If you ask to have it looking like Spongebob, expect to pay double. Yep, putting goofy eyes and a squiggle for a mouth apparently costs $25.

Do not decide to have a piniata. Although it is fun, Spongebob is designed for maximum capacity. It takes A LOT to fill Spongebob. And for someone who is trying to stay away from the candy inside (we still have Halloween candy), this is an expensive venture.

I did manage to save on simply buying yellow balloons, though. And no other Spongebob merchandise except stickers – each child gets 4 stickers.

So, back to the actual birthday, Kimber has discovered that now that she is six, there are oodles of things she can do! Like – open a bottle of juice ALL BY HERSELF!!!! Like – being strong enough to hold the door open for TWO PEOPLE!!!! And!!! Hit the baseball THREE TIMES IN A ROW!!! Life is good when you are 6.


Life is getting stressful when you are 28. Let me update.

Scott is showing visible improvement. His mood and attitude are changing. Instead of re-typing what he has already done, you can just read it in his blog (and make sure you comment on the “blog on the pyre” bit – he seems to think that is funny). He is off on Tuesday to see the doctor about mentioned head issues, and then to get his tooth extracted. I am really hoping that the dreaded tooth is the cause of all the headaches. Wouldn’t that be nice?

On the fostering note (warning – rant alert) – we submitted our criminal check paperwork (remember that, back on August 3rd?), and we are still waiting for it. Sigh. So, getting the kids before school starts will probably not happen. I thought I was doing the right thing when I mentioned to our landlord that if we get these kids, we would probably have to move. Well, he showed up at the door earlier this week, asking us if we knew yet or not. He said we have until September 1 to tell him if we are moving or staying – and if we move, he would like it to be before the winter so that he has time to fix up the place for the next tennents. If we stay, he would like us to stay for the winter – so he doesn’t have to do all the work during the winter. So, we are either out of here before November 1 or stuck here until March 1. Arg. We really don’t want to be here another winter, but if we don’t get the kids until later, we will have to. And, then we will be cramped in this dumpy place until March – we just don’t have the room. So, househunting begins in earnest. And the real-estate agent isn’t returning my calls! September 1 is approaching awful fast.

No stitching progress to report today. Yesterday was a write-off – I got NOTHING done. By 4:30 I said to myself, there is nothing that can be done now, might as well stitch, and I ended up with only getting 6 stitches in. *Sigh* I guess I will have to stitch all day tomorrow at the…

STITCHING RETREAT!!!! Ann is hosting a TWBB get together at her shop this weekend – so a day full of stitching and enabling it is. I am so excited. I get to meet some people I have been chatting with for some time. Yay! So, don’t expect a post tomorrow (unless I just can’t sleep).

Sunday of course is the birthday party. 10 kids are invited, as well as all their parents and various friends. Loads of people. I haven’t even started to count the adults. I don’t want to know. Just come, eat, leave.

Monday will be a busy day as well. I hae a show that night, so I will be busy whipping things up in the kitchen, packing the van, and making follow up calls. Tuesday, as mentioned, is medical appreciation day. I am really looking forward to Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kimber!

  1. Valerie (grvlgal)

    Happy birthday, Kimber!

    Hope you have a fabulous time at the GTG.

    Hope everything works out with the fostering/landlord. I think that’s a wonderful thing you guys are doing.

  2. Stitchie Kiwi

    Happy Birthday Kimber! Sounds like your Mommy has made sure it’s a fun one 🙂

    Good luck with the fostering, you’re a better woman than me 😉 … and have fun at the GTG.


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