Weekend Update

… With Christine Doyle

Ok! Time for an update! Let’s see… when we last left off our intrepid explorer.. Friday’s housework did not get done (surprise, surprise), and I left my potluck contribution for the GTG until Saturday morning – and I slept in. So, Saturday morning involved quick baking, and collecting of all my stuff. I managed to get out before lunch, and meet most of the attendees as they were coming in.

The GTG was a blast. I think there was a final total of 21 people, in various stages of stitching. I met some wonderful people, and am looking forward to next year. I am still getting the names of everyone, and as soon as I get that I will post pictures. I attended a short hardanger “class”, taught by Anita, and that isn’t looking too scary anymore. I am already downloading hardanger freebies. I saw some pretty fobs, and learned exactly what the purpose of a fob is. I don’t carry scissors, bu rather snips, so I never really saw the purpose. Now I will need to get some scissors just so I can have some pretty fobs. There was plenty of great food, great conversation, and great people. I spent Saturday night dreaming of fobs and hardanger…

Sorry, no progress picture – the scanner isn’t in the mood today, and I can never get a good picture with the camera, so I would rather just wait.

Sunday morning, we all cleaned up the house and yard. The party was loads of fun, the kids even came up with their own party games. Musical chairs, hot potato, hide and seek were some favourites. The parents had a great time, too.

Some pictures:

Lauryn displaying her displeasure with something….

Kimber taking a thwack at Spongebob. This took forever. It took A LOT of thwacks for damage even to occur. We eventually let the kids go without the blindfold and just go at it.

Scott taking the final thwack and finally releasing all the treats…

Lauryn feeling much better.

I got a present yesterday as well. My SIL got me a book from the dollar store, that is quite good. It is Magic Cross Stitch, put out by Les Editions de Saxe. I am pretty impressed – there are some wonderful patterns in there, and the fact she picked it up for $1 is pretty good, too. There are some pretty sea shell patterns, and some lovely flower motifs. I am going to have to frequent that store more often and keep an eye for others.


In other news, I recently jumped on the Wagon. People there list their goals for the week, and I thought the more people I have to account to, the better – the more likely stuff will get done. So, my goals for this week:

• Get the trim of my dining room painted
• Try to figure out paint colours for the living room
• Get started on autumn exchange piece (which of course involves shopping for supplies)
• Get the bottom chunk of the border done on my Gifts by the Sea piece
• Get at least 2 hours of knitting in
• Get one more page of my personal website up (and fix the current intro page)

This morning I checked my email, and guess what I found? My update from the MusikMaffia. And check this out:

“We also have good news for some lucky winners. We wanted to reward our Soldiers for all their hard work, so we did a little investigating, the following people had the highest activity levels on the site, so… you’ve all won Mafia Soldier T-shirts! Way to go:

Cowboy Germany

That Christine_D – is me! Woo hoo! I love winning stuff!

So that is all the news for now. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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