Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures!

So here are all the pictures I promised yesterday, and then some.

Let’s start with the stitching retreat this past weekend:

From left to right: Wendy, Joyce (standing), Anita (conducting hardanger lesson), Beatrice (standing) and Carrie

Angie and Adrianna

From left to right: Marsha, Christin, Sylvia

From left to right: Beth, Tita, Marsha. Note Girl with the Pearl Earring in the upper right hand corner – stitched by Joyce. Golfers stitched by Beatrice.

Dani, Marj, Paula (inspecting Marj’s work)

Sorry about the backsides, here: Colleen, Carmen, Helen (note the stash pile!) and Catherine in Ann’s shop.


On to stitching:

My Lily Maiden progress at the aforementioned retreat this weekend:

The stitching mag my SIL got for me:

And something I forgot to mentioned. SIL got this for me too. It isn’t something I wold have picked up for myself, but it has some techniques I might be able to use when it comes to dyeing my fabric. SIL’s exact words when she gave this to me was, “I figured you can learn how to do this, then teach me.” Nice, huh? Thanks, sis!


The tooth is out. I was going to have my morbid side showing and have that picture as the first one you see as soon as one opened this page, but I thought better of it. Nice of me, no? Instead, those just as morbid as me can click here.

That is all the piccies for now. I am off to knit. Tra-la-la-la!


3 thoughts on “Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures!

  1. Carol

    Oooo, cool pics! I enjoyed the ones Dani posted too – and, I loved the tooth pic too – guess I am a morbid freak too 🙂

  2. Lelia

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your retreat – your friends.

    chatting & stitching with friends is so much fun.

    Enjoy the week-end


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