Today’s Stitching Blogger’s Question

Ok, coffee is in hand. On to the SBQ:

What do you use to hold your fabric while you stitch? A hoop, a Q-Snap, a scroll frame, something else, or do you stitch in hand? Have you always used just the one thing or have you tried one or more of the others? Which do you like best? Why?

I am in a transition on this topic. I recently was recommended the use of a scroll frame to increase stitching speed. This enables two-handed stitching, which is supposedly faster. I normally stitch in hand, and can be pretty speedy with that. But, I thought I would try the two-handed method with Q-snaps. What do you know? It is faster! For the larger projects, I am now using the Q-Snaps (until my pocketbook can handle the expense of a scroll frame) and the smaller projects are still done in hand. I have never liked hoops, though I am not sure why.

Ok, off to paint my dining room!


One thought on “Today’s Stitching Blogger’s Question

  1. Lelia

    I enjoy the 2 handed stitching, too. Holding stuff tires my hands and wrists quickly. I use scroll frames for samplers & q-snaps for smalls.


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